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Taste of Traditions Since Generations!

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Taste of Traditions Since Generations

A sweet journey started with our brand product Wadi is continuing till the date. We, Athavale’s, are known for our quality products. We are branded for offering traditional products in a modern avatar. Maintaining the traditional taste with convenience has been our specialty since generations. This is our third generation carrying this delicacy.

We initially started with our beloved sweets. As our generations evolved, our product range, too, has grown wider. With this expansion, we have gained the trust of our customers. Hereby, we are deliciously delighted to present you Athavale’s range of products.


Their list of specialities today includes a wider range of flavoured wadi including amrakhand (mango yoghurt), gulkand (rose petal jam), sesame, custard apple, and jambul. They have also expanded to include namkeen such as patal pohe chivda (thin flattened rice mix), maka chivda (cornflake mix), bhajka poha chivda (fried flattened rice mix), and murmura chivda (puffed rice mix).

Wadi is a unique product by Athavale’s, and hence the brand has a monopoly in the market. The brand uses only the choicest dry fruits and ingredients, which provide rich flavour as well as nutrition. Their astute market knowledge and customer feedback help them innovate products which sell like hot cakes when they hit the shelves.

With almost half a century in the sweet business, Athavale’s has earned a deep trust from its customers who vouch for the high quality products sold by the Pune-based confectionery.